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Treats diseases like cold, diarrhea and improve blood flow. The most

Red Root C/S (cut and sifted) refers to red root that has been processed into smaller, more manageable pieces. Red root, scientifically known as Ceanothus americanus, is a plant belonging to the buckthorn family. The cut and sifted form of red root is commonly used in herbal preparations.


Red Root is recognized for its pinkish-red roots, which emit a spicy and almost mint-like aroma. The roots are typically harvested in spring and are often cut before reaching complete dryness. In the cut and sifted form, red root can be utilized in various applications, including decoctions, tinctures, or other herbal formulations. Its versatility and distinct characteristics make it a notable component in traditional herbal practices.

common way to use red root is in tea. The red root tea helps treat catarrh, fevers, sore throats, skin malignancies, venereal sores, and wound healing.*

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